Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Time with Family and at the Sacramento Temple

Every Fall my girls get 2 weeks off from school. We like to take advantage of their time off and do things with them. One thing we do every year is go to Apple Hill and spend time with family. So this morning we headed to Cameron Park for the next 2 days. Noah's sister Rachel and I wanted to go to the temple. Noah's mom was extremely gracious and offered to watch our kids while we went to a session at the Sacramento Temple. We had an absolutely wonderful time. Thank You Grandma! While we were gone the cousins got together at grandmas house. They had a great time. I just hope they didn't wear out grandma too much.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Aubrey Sings

Aubrey has been into singing and dancing lately. She has her favorite songs. I gotta a feeling, You belong with me, and One step at a time to name a few. This morning while I was cleaning and listening to one of her songs, she got up on the bench to sing it to me.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Memory Card Crashed

I guess I don't have much luck with Cameras. I recorded Aubrey singing and dancing on my camera. Then I uploaded it to facebook. The next day I went to take a picture of Ashlyn and it said memory card full. I tried looking at my pictures on the computer and it said there were no pictures to view. I was a little frustrated and after trying it several different times on the printer and laptop Noah and I came to the conclusion everything was lost. Thankfully I will always have those memories in my mind, so I thought I should type them up so I don't forget them.

The 1st memorable moment was Ashlyn with her class pet Dude the turtle. I took some adorable pictures of Ashlyn holding, feeding and playing with Dude. I guess we need to have Dude for the weekend again so that we can create new memories. I did take one picture of him at school.The 2nd memorable moment was when I went to The Time Out For Women with family and friends. It was a fun and uplifting 2 days. I took pictures of the speakers and musicians that performed for us. Lucky for me I can find a few pictures on the Internet. The bummer part was the pictures I took of family and friends that I lost.The last memorable moment was Aubrey singing and dancing for me. I have the one I posted on Facebook and that's it. I guess I just need to play music and have her dance and sing for me again. Then I will be able to snap more photos and video of her.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Autumn's Princess Party

This afternoon we had 10 little princess come to our home to celebrate Autumn's 5th Birthday. Autumn wanted a princess party with lots of fancy decorations. So we had confetti, princess balloons, bouquets of flowers, and Dolley's for place mats. We made butterfly and flower sandwiches, veggies, with fancy dip, watermelon, apples, apple juice and strawberry lemonade. All of her little friends came dressed in their best princess outfit. Everyone worn different dresses it was really cool. The girls ate their princess food and loved it. We decorated goodie bags and wands. We played pin the crown on the princess and pass the rose. When the music stopped the girl left holding the rose had to give Autumn their present. Then we took a picture of each little princess with our little princess Autumn. After she opened her gifts we sang Happy Birthday and let her blow her candles out. She blew out all 5 candles in the birthday pie(that's what she requested, a Chocolate Cream Pie). At the end of the party we let the princesses play outside. It was great to see them all playing and jumping around in their dresses. Autumn truly had a magical birthday.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Our Princess Autumn Turns 5

Well today our little princess, Autumn turned 5 years old. Where did the time go? She is really growing fast. I was able to help out in her class today. After workshop she was given a certificate, pencil and of course her very own birthday crown. She passed out cupcakes at snack recess after they sang happy birthday to her. I really enjoyed being there with her on her special day. We had asked her a few days ago where she wanted to go for her birthday dinner. She said "I want to go to the place where they cook in front of you." Noah and I knew she was referring to the Japanese Restaurant down the street called Shirishoni.
While we were getting ready to go, Autumn and Aubrey were enjoying each other. I thought they were really cute.After a little playtime we headed to the restaurant. It was a lot of fun for the kids. They take your order, which our Autumn ordered Steak and then cook it all in front of you. They perform in a fun, entertaining way using little tricks as they cook. We all had a great time and Autumn loved it. They sang Happy Birthday and brought her out a special birthday dessert.After a great dinner we headed home to open presents. She opened up all of her gifts from our family and other members of our extend family. She got Polly Pocket princess addition, art kit, princess scratch design, Ariel with light up tail to play in the tub, bumble transformer car, a giraffe, and a easy reader princess book. What a wonderful birthday. Autumn is really excited for her Princess Party on Friday. She thought it was going to be today. I hope she can contain herself until then. I told her that now that she is 5 it means being even more patience. She was not to happy to hear that. I said it's part of growing up.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Spending Time in Cloumbia

Being our last day at Clark Fork Camp we needed to not only pack up our stuff, but clean our cabins and get them ready for the winter months ahead. The adults ran around trying to pack, load, clean and keep the kids busy and out of the way. Aubrey was doing a great job at entertaining little Kelsie.
After a couple of hours of cleaning and getting ready to leave, we were on the road to Columbia. Once we were in this old minning town we at lunch and then headed straight away to pay and ride the stage coach. All of us were able to ride in it while Ashlyn and Kylee got to ride on top of . The driver lead us through some dirt roads until we were confronted by a robber. The kids were pretty scared. All of the adults had big smiles on their faces as the robber asked for things. The robber finally said "You ain't got nothin" "Get outa here" and let us go. Once back in town we went to the candy shop and walked around the town a little. Then it was time to tell our family goodbye. It was a great weekend of service, fun, and family. A Big Thank You goes out to Noah's family who made it possible to be with us this weekend and help at the Girls Camp .

Another great day at Clark Fork

Sunday was our last full day at Clark Fork and we spent our morning with a beautiful outdoor fast and testimony meeting. It brought back fond memories of girls camp. After lunch we had a mini family birthday party for Autumn turning 5 and our nephew Logan who is turning 3. Autumn loved her blendy pens, skirt, scooter, and handmade hair bows. After the mini party a few of us went to Pine Crest Lake to hike the 4 miles around the lake. We had a lot of fun. And the scenery was beautiful.All of kids keep each other entertained and moving along the trail. They found things to keep them busy like singing songs on the trail.As the sun started to set we drove back to camp for smores and an indoor movie.

A Day of Service and Fun

On Saturday morning after the women helped serve breakfast the guys went to work getting their assignments to get camp ready for the winter. Noah and Art started cleaning out the swamp coolers and taking down some of the wood ramps. Then they covered up the different cabins and A frames. Meanwhile we tried to keep the kids busy. We did have a few small jobs ourselves to do like overseeing the older children as they restained the benches by the fire ring. Then we took all the kids on a scavenger nature hike. They had a great time. By the time we got back to the camp it was lunch time and everyone was about done with their jobs.
Soon after lunch we headed up to Keneday Meadows to go horseback riding. We rented one lead horse for an hour. The girls took turns riding it for the hour. Noah's sister Becky and her family joined us. We all had a great time. Aubrey was afraid of getting on the horses so she hung out on my back. After riding we drove down to Pine Crest Lake where we had a party barge reserved for the whole family. We brought our dinner and cooked it on board. We drove around the lake, fishing, playing and having a great time. We spent 3 hours out on the water. We all had a blast.