Monday, September 7, 2009

A Day of Service and Fun

On Saturday morning after the women helped serve breakfast the guys went to work getting their assignments to get camp ready for the winter. Noah and Art started cleaning out the swamp coolers and taking down some of the wood ramps. Then they covered up the different cabins and A frames. Meanwhile we tried to keep the kids busy. We did have a few small jobs ourselves to do like overseeing the older children as they restained the benches by the fire ring. Then we took all the kids on a scavenger nature hike. They had a great time. By the time we got back to the camp it was lunch time and everyone was about done with their jobs.
Soon after lunch we headed up to Keneday Meadows to go horseback riding. We rented one lead horse for an hour. The girls took turns riding it for the hour. Noah's sister Becky and her family joined us. We all had a great time. Aubrey was afraid of getting on the horses so she hung out on my back. After riding we drove down to Pine Crest Lake where we had a party barge reserved for the whole family. We brought our dinner and cooked it on board. We drove around the lake, fishing, playing and having a great time. We spent 3 hours out on the water. We all had a blast.

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Daniel and Tiffany Joyce said...

That seemed like an awesome day you and the family had. Hopefully Aubrey gets over her fear of horses so that you and Noah can have that ranch of horses you always dreamed of having ;)