Monday, March 30, 2009

What else could go wrong?

For a couple weeks now we have had a few misfortunes and just bad days.

*On the way to San Diego a tire flew off of a truck and slammed right into our van. Noah did a great job swerving so the damage was not as great as it could have been. The cost to fix my van came to about $3,000.*While helping with the decorations at my sisters wedding one of my prongs broke on my wedding ring causing one of my small diamonds to fall out get lost. I had to take it to my mom's friend who is a Jeweler(and where I bought my ring) to have him fix and replace my lost diamond.

*Then while at our last day at Disneyland I drooped the digital camera and broke it for good. Every picture I took after it fell came out all black.

*The other day I lost Aubrey in Kohl's for about 20min. (She had unbuckled herself.) They called in a Code yellow and locked the store down. They found her crying in the Men's department. I was pretty much a wreck from it all. The rest of my day just didn't play out they way I hoped.

*Then this morning I locked my self out of the house and had to go to Pittsburgh to get my garage door opener form the Auto body shop where my van is getting fixed.

*And to top it off Aubrey got really car sick on the way back home. I had to pull over and clean her and the car up.

I hope that this is the end of some really rotten days. It can only get better from here on out right?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Having Fun at Grandma's

So we spent a few more days with Grandma and we had a great time. On Monday we wanted to go to Daffodil Hill, but they had snow in the morning and needed it to dry out they said by Wednesday they would be open, but sadly we would be back home. So we went to the movies and watched Hotel For Dogs. It was a cute movie and the girls really liked it. On Tuesday we took the girls to Folsom for a day at the park and a visit to the Folsom Zoo. My little girls had a blast running, playing, and making new friends at the park. They also enjoyed chasing after the numerous amounts of Chickens and Rosters running around as well.We headed to the zoo which was right next to the park. This is a small zoo, but the girls didn't seem to mind the size. They had fun watching all the animals. Many of the animals were awake and very active. They have peacocks all over the zoo and at the park. They also have a section where the local deer mingle with the zoo animals too. Aubrey was a little frightened by the bears, but I would probably be too, if I were seeing them at her level. What a nice time we had with Grandma and we were sad to say goodbye.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Kylee's Play and Cheryl's Birthday!

This weekend we headed to Cameron Park on Friday morning and met Noah's mom at Noah's old office. While Noah went to work we went to play with Grandma. We did some shopping and went out to lunch just like we used to do when we lived down the way from Grandma. That afternoon the cousins all got together to play and well hang out. On Saturday we went to see our niece Kylee perform in her first official play. It was a musical called "The Maxwell Detective Agency" She played one of the main Characters named Payton. She did a great job. After her performance we had an early birthday lunch for Noah's mother. At her favorite Chinese restaurant. We headed back to Noah's sisters home to have cake and open presents. It was a fun filled day and when Grandma got home my girls surprized grandma and had decorated her bedroom for her Birthday.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Passing of My Grandpa Martinez

Last week I got a call from my mother letting me know that my grandpa Martinez had passed away. She didn't have to many details so I called my aunt to get all the information I was looking for. On Monday the 16th they buried my grandpa, Eli Martinez, at age 83. I wasn't real close to my Grandpa, but I did go and visit him every chance that I got. I will miss him and I am grateful that I had the opportunity to get to know him better as I grew up. I loved to hear him tell us stories of when he was a young man or when he was in the Navy during WWII. I know he is in a better place, but he will not be forgotten.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Griffith Park

Even better than Disneyland was Griffith Park(At least Anissa and I got a kick out of it). I thought it would be fun to go eat lunch over in Griffith Park since we would be going past that area on our way home. I decided to stop over at the area where they had train rides and pony rides. After eating our lunch we headed over to the miniature train rides. There are two train rides in the park this particular one has been around since 1948. The website said " Youngsters of all ages will enjoy the experience of riding the FREEDOM TRAIN on the Griffith Park Southern Railroad. The track stretches over a mile and takes the rider past pony rides, through a lush green meadow, through an old Western town, and past a Native American village." Well it was definitely enjoyed by us and an experience we will never forget. As we rode into the western town it was like a town straight out of little Mexico. They had a horse in town, like this: it was still completely attached. Then they pointed out the prison on your right which was a storm drain with a grate kind of like this: Anissa and I could not stop laughing. The fake people weren't much better, and the conductor of the train was low riding the entire time. Every time I think about that train ride I am going to sing "Low Rider". Next we took Ashlyn and Autumn to ride the ponies. That was comical as well, because they strapped our girls on their horses, slapped the horses rear, and we wathched as the horses took off like a bat of Heck. Ashlyn and Autumn had to hold on for dear life as the man ran to catch up tp the horse. Anissa and I just laughed and laughed. It was great!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Our Last Day at Disneyland!

Our last day at Disneyland started bright and early at 8am. We had special passes for early entry into the Disneyland Park. We too advantage of this by going straight to Fantasyland where we rode most of the little kids rides. We rode Peter Pan first, walked on most of the rides with no wait and ended with Dumbo. After riding these rides we headed to Toontown this was Aubrey favorite area, because she got to see Mickey, Minnie, and Donald Duck's houses. The characters made her a little nervous, but she did not have a problem telling them Hi. We spent the rest of our day going on all the rides we missed and doing some of our favorite ride over again. The highlight of the whole day was shopping for souvenirs and the firework show. The girls knew exactly what they wanted to buy to take home. We were able to get an amazing spot in front of the castle for the fireworks show. The girls loved it. Aubrey loved seeing Tinker Bell Fly through the sky from the Matterhorn to the Castle. She cried when Tinker Bell was all done. She didn't want her to go home. She became very fond of her.

Our 2nd Day at Disneyland!

This morning we had an awesome complimentary breakfast we made waffles had sausage and eggs with fresh fruit, and many other choices of things to eat. We were able to get right onto the shuttle. When we arrived at the park we went to California Adventure again running straight to the Tower of Terror. Noah and I got a baby swap pass meaning that I would go with the two kids and when we got off the ride he would go to the fastpass and get on the ride much faster. He would take the two girls so that they could ride again. While one of us waited the fastpass would recommend things to do while waiting. Noah and I did a lot of fun things with Aubrey while we were waiting. After that we went from ride to ride that we did not get to ride yesterday. When we had done all that we wanted to do in California Adventure we headed to Disneyland and spent the rest if our day there. We rode lots of rides. A few that stand out for us was the Nemo Ride. The girls really liked being under the water and seeing all the sea creatures. Plus we obtained a special pass for it, because one of the rides had to be temporarily shut down and they gave us a pass good for six people to be used on any ride any time. We choose to use it for the Nemo ride. The girls really enjoyed driving cars in the Autotopia ride. Noah took Aubrey and Autumn and I drove with Ashlyn. This ride made me laugh the whole entire time. We all loved it. As the day went on we all got hot and tired. That's when we decided to head to the Pirates Lair and let the girls go at their own pace. The girls ran around through the tree houses, caves, bridges, and found the pirates booty Noah and I were able to rest a little too. We spent a few more hours at Disneyland, but left early to go eat dinner at our hotel room, swim a little, and get some rest for our last day at Disneyland.