Sunday, March 22, 2009

Kylee's Play and Cheryl's Birthday!

This weekend we headed to Cameron Park on Friday morning and met Noah's mom at Noah's old office. While Noah went to work we went to play with Grandma. We did some shopping and went out to lunch just like we used to do when we lived down the way from Grandma. That afternoon the cousins all got together to play and well hang out. On Saturday we went to see our niece Kylee perform in her first official play. It was a musical called "The Maxwell Detective Agency" She played one of the main Characters named Payton. She did a great job. After her performance we had an early birthday lunch for Noah's mother. At her favorite Chinese restaurant. We headed back to Noah's sisters home to have cake and open presents. It was a fun filled day and when Grandma got home my girls surprized grandma and had decorated her bedroom for her Birthday.

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