Thursday, March 26, 2009

Having Fun at Grandma's

So we spent a few more days with Grandma and we had a great time. On Monday we wanted to go to Daffodil Hill, but they had snow in the morning and needed it to dry out they said by Wednesday they would be open, but sadly we would be back home. So we went to the movies and watched Hotel For Dogs. It was a cute movie and the girls really liked it. On Tuesday we took the girls to Folsom for a day at the park and a visit to the Folsom Zoo. My little girls had a blast running, playing, and making new friends at the park. They also enjoyed chasing after the numerous amounts of Chickens and Rosters running around as well.We headed to the zoo which was right next to the park. This is a small zoo, but the girls didn't seem to mind the size. They had fun watching all the animals. Many of the animals were awake and very active. They have peacocks all over the zoo and at the park. They also have a section where the local deer mingle with the zoo animals too. Aubrey was a little frightened by the bears, but I would probably be too, if I were seeing them at her level. What a nice time we had with Grandma and we were sad to say goodbye.

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