Thursday, April 30, 2009

Autumn's Preschool Trip to The Oakland Zoo

Autumn's Preschool class took a day trip to the Oakland Zoo today. We arrived around 10am and the kids lined up to get their Lion stamp showing they were all payed for.Then we entered the zoo taking a group picture with all of her preschool classmates. The weather was perfect and the animals were very active. Every animal was out doing something. The Giraffes were eating, The Tigers were out sleeping, The Elephants were walking around giving themselves dirt baths, The Meerkats were on alert(and Aubrey too)when they heard the Lions roaring.and the Fruit bats were enjoying their lunch of cantaloupe, tomatoes, banana, and apples.It was fun to see the animals doing so much. Here are some of our Favorite animals: The Purple Headed Meerkat(we have no idea why it's purple, but we thought it was cool), The White Handed Gibbons(who were howling and swinging), The river otters who were not even near the water, but out on the grass sunbathing, and a turtle who was sunbathing, but on the back of an alligator. Crazy! I have never seen so many animals so busy at one time. I really like this Zoo because it is just the right size and they have play areas set up all around. The girls had fun playing on all the animal play areas. The climbed in, on, and around the pretend animals. We had a GREAT time at the zoo and can't wait to go again. Autumn said she wants to go with the whole family next time.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Uncle Kurt's 30th Bithday Party

Yesterday we attended our Brother-in-Law Kurt's 30th Birthday party. We arrived a little early to help Noah's sister decorate and finish setting things up for the party. We had a great time visiting with friends, eating yummy food, and sharing this special day with Kurt. Towards the end of the party we played Guitar Hero and enjoyed playing with baby Kelsie. We are glad that they live close enough so that we can enjoy these special occasions with them.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ashlyn's 1st Mother/Daughter Activity

Today we had a Mother/Daughter Stake 50's Activity Day. The Stake Primary President had each ward make a 50's style centerpiece. So one night for Activity Day Girls we put together these two center pieces. We came dressed up in 50's attire and met as a group. Then we broke up in two 3 large groups with 3 different classes. The 1st class we had was making cards for siblings who have a sick siblings in the hospital. Ashlyn and I made 8 cards to cheer up and make them happy. The 2nd class was Being a Princess. This was a fun class! They told the girls that they were princesses in training and that someday they would become Queens like their moms. We played a Jeopardy style manners game. Ashlyn learned a lot,receiving a crown, and a lollipop staff. The 3rd class had to do with the strength of the youth packet. It was a great class. I took a lot from it and I hope Ashlyn did too. Then we got back to our group and watched a short skit tying all the elements together. We were served lunch and Ashlyn made a delicious sundae for me and herself. Each girl received balloons on their way out. We had a great time together. I only took a picture of Ashlyn, but I wish I would have thought to get one with both of us.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Facts about Aubrey:
Fact: Aubrey also goes by the name Secret Agent Strawberry Aubrey or as she says Secret Agent Starwbelly Aubwee. However we can't pronounce it like that or she gets very upset. Her sisters are Secret Agent Autumn Apple and Secret Agent Orange Ashlyn. We have no idea how this name thing became so popular in our home, but it is creative.

Fact: She hated to go near a swing let alone get on a swing, One day a friend of mine put her on the swing and I was prepared for her to scream(like she always did). I was Shocked to see she Loved it! Now we can't get her off the swing. She wants to swing every chance she gets.Fact: Aubrey is getting good at coloring and being artistic especially at using her body as the canvas. She recently learned how to draw circles and will draw them on everything including the steamed up shower doors. Fact: She is fully potty trained, but still needs our help with wiping. She told Noah "I didn't touch my butt, I only touched the toilet." If she does have an accident she exclaims "I didn't pee!" Then I ask, "Then why are you naked?"

Fact: Aubrey is getting to be a big girl, but still needs mommy and daddy's help with various things, which makes us feel so loved. She really wanted to take off her sweater by herself and refused to let us help her. Finally after a few minutes she gave up decided it was ok to let me help her. Growing up is a hard job!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Our 1st Easter at Home

We have been in our house for almost 3 years and this is the first year that we have been home for Easter. We were very excited, so excited the girls were up at 6am. They wanted to find their baskets and their colorful eggs. An hour later we finally let them run through the backyard searching for their Easter basket surprizes. After they found all the eggs and their basket the Easter bunny left we got ourselves ready for church. After church I had to get some pictures of my girls in their Easter Dresses. And with a mouthful of chocolate candy. Around 4pm our good friends from down the street came over for one last egg hunt. The girls got really fast and Aubrey go the hang of what an egg hunt is all about. Happy Easter Everyone!