Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ashlyn's 1st Mother/Daughter Activity

Today we had a Mother/Daughter Stake 50's Activity Day. The Stake Primary President had each ward make a 50's style centerpiece. So one night for Activity Day Girls we put together these two center pieces. We came dressed up in 50's attire and met as a group. Then we broke up in two 3 large groups with 3 different classes. The 1st class we had was making cards for siblings who have a sick siblings in the hospital. Ashlyn and I made 8 cards to cheer up and make them happy. The 2nd class was Being a Princess. This was a fun class! They told the girls that they were princesses in training and that someday they would become Queens like their moms. We played a Jeopardy style manners game. Ashlyn learned a lot,receiving a crown, and a lollipop staff. The 3rd class had to do with the strength of the youth packet. It was a great class. I took a lot from it and I hope Ashlyn did too. Then we got back to our group and watched a short skit tying all the elements together. We were served lunch and Ashlyn made a delicious sundae for me and herself. Each girl received balloons on their way out. We had a great time together. I only took a picture of Ashlyn, but I wish I would have thought to get one with both of us.

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