Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Facts about Aubrey:
Fact: Aubrey also goes by the name Secret Agent Strawberry Aubrey or as she says Secret Agent Starwbelly Aubwee. However we can't pronounce it like that or she gets very upset. Her sisters are Secret Agent Autumn Apple and Secret Agent Orange Ashlyn. We have no idea how this name thing became so popular in our home, but it is creative.

Fact: She hated to go near a swing let alone get on a swing, One day a friend of mine put her on the swing and I was prepared for her to scream(like she always did). I was Shocked to see she Loved it! Now we can't get her off the swing. She wants to swing every chance she gets.Fact: Aubrey is getting good at coloring and being artistic especially at using her body as the canvas. She recently learned how to draw circles and will draw them on everything including the steamed up shower doors. Fact: She is fully potty trained, but still needs our help with wiping. She told Noah "I didn't touch my butt, I only touched the toilet." If she does have an accident she exclaims "I didn't pee!" Then I ask, "Then why are you naked?"

Fact: Aubrey is getting to be a big girl, but still needs mommy and daddy's help with various things, which makes us feel so loved. She really wanted to take off her sweater by herself and refused to let us help her. Finally after a few minutes she gave up decided it was ok to let me help her. Growing up is a hard job!


Kathryn said...

LOL! i loved reading this post! very cute!

Rachel Keyser said...

Those are great pictures of Aubrey! She and Logan are growing so fast!