Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Piano for the New Year

For a few years now we have been wanting to get a piano. We kept checking around so that we can get a used one or a really good deal on one. Well today Noah was checking the ads and he found a piano someone was selling for $100. The family is moving out of state and doses not want to take the piano with them. We went over in the morning to check it out. We thought it was in excellent condition and sounded great for the age. Noah payed for it with his birthday money and we hurried home to move shelves, the Christmas tree, and make room for our new piano that would be delivered in a couple of hours. With a mess still in the entry way the piano movers arrived moving our new piano into it's space and we became the proud new owners of a piano. We were so excited we went to the music store to buy some piano books for the girls and for Noah. We will all be learning to play as the year goes on.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Noah and Grandma Kyle's Birthday Dinner

After we left my parents we drove 4 hours to Bakersfield. Once we got there we settled in at Noah's cousins house. Shortly after we arrived we drove to the Mexican restaurant where we meet up with Noah's mom, Grandma Kyle, and Uncle Craig. Noah and his Grandmother share the same birthday and it is always fun to get together and celebrate together. Grandma Kyle is 89 years old today and Noah is...well lets just say he is getting older.So while we waited for dinner they opened up their presents. After a delicious dinner we sang Happy Birthday and ate some yummy chocolate cake. We all had a real nice time together.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Grandma and Grandpa Photo Shot

Before we headed home I wanted to take some pictures of the girls with my parents. It was fun to gather them up and have them take pictures with Grandma and Grandpa. They came out pretty good for last minute as we were packing to leave.

Noah's Birthday Morning

The Birthday Boy Noah celebrated first thing this morning with a Birthday Dance by Autumn.After Autumns dance he enjoyed a yummy breakfast(thanks to my mother)with candles on his pancakes and singing. Its a bummer that we had to drive to Bakersfield right after this, but I hope we made his start to his big day special.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Tractor Pull

The day started off with us just hanging around the house. My dad went outside to work in the yard again and my girls followed their grandpa right outside. The were helping him and then they decided to play with some cars in the yard. Then my dad got the idea to hook up one of the cars to his tractor and pull the two girls all over the yard. It was probably safer than the sled ride. Then my dad abandoned the idea of one car and added two. Which Autumn liked. So now he is pulling my girls on the kids coupe car and another play car chained together connected to his tractor. This was pretty funny to watch, because the girls had even less control and would swing back and forth each time my dad made a turn. Autumn even rolled the car and fell out . My dad told Autumn "Don't tell Grandma I rolled you, because Grandma will be mad at Grandpa." Well that's the first thing she said to Grandma when she came inside. Autumn walked in saying "Grandma! You will be really mad at Grandpa, because he rolled me. Right?"

Friday, December 25, 2009

Lovin' My New Camera

Christmas Day I most of the day playing with my new camera. I played with every feature on the camera and used both lenses. Here are just a few pictures that I took on Christmas Day. Most of the pictures were of the family as they were playing with their new toys for Christmas or the family just enjoying the day. As night approached I took some night pictures too.
I really love my new camera.

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Morning is our favorite it is so amazing for our family. All the excitement that our girls have makes it even more special. No matter where Christmas is at we always have the "Line-up". It starts in the hallway with the girls lining up from youngest to oldest to pose for a photo. Then we let them run to see what Santa has brought them. The open Santa gifts and Stocking until everyone is ready to begin opening the presents form everyone. This year our girls got lots of cool stuff from Santa and from my family. The adults opened their gifts after the girls opened up theirs.
We all got some great gifts. It was a very Merry Christmas for me because I got a New Digital Camera. Something I didn't expect for years(cost to much money). Noah is amazing and knows me so well. I can never thank him enough for this special gift that he got me. I am now on my way into diving into my passion for photography.
In all the excitement Ashlyn didn't notice that Santa had left her a note. She was totally excited that he wrote her a Thank You letter for all the goodies that she left him. With her belief in Santa wavering, she now Believes!