Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Tractor Pull

The day started off with us just hanging around the house. My dad went outside to work in the yard again and my girls followed their grandpa right outside. The were helping him and then they decided to play with some cars in the yard. Then my dad got the idea to hook up one of the cars to his tractor and pull the two girls all over the yard. It was probably safer than the sled ride. Then my dad abandoned the idea of one car and added two. Which Autumn liked. So now he is pulling my girls on the kids coupe car and another play car chained together connected to his tractor. This was pretty funny to watch, because the girls had even less control and would swing back and forth each time my dad made a turn. Autumn even rolled the car and fell out . My dad told Autumn "Don't tell Grandma I rolled you, because Grandma will be mad at Grandpa." Well that's the first thing she said to Grandma when she came inside. Autumn walked in saying "Grandma! You will be really mad at Grandpa, because he rolled me. Right?"

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