Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Piano for the New Year

For a few years now we have been wanting to get a piano. We kept checking around so that we can get a used one or a really good deal on one. Well today Noah was checking the ads and he found a piano someone was selling for $100. The family is moving out of state and doses not want to take the piano with them. We went over in the morning to check it out. We thought it was in excellent condition and sounded great for the age. Noah payed for it with his birthday money and we hurried home to move shelves, the Christmas tree, and make room for our new piano that would be delivered in a couple of hours. With a mess still in the entry way the piano movers arrived moving our new piano into it's space and we became the proud new owners of a piano. We were so excited we went to the music store to buy some piano books for the girls and for Noah. We will all be learning to play as the year goes on.

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