Thursday, April 30, 2009

Autumn's Preschool Trip to The Oakland Zoo

Autumn's Preschool class took a day trip to the Oakland Zoo today. We arrived around 10am and the kids lined up to get their Lion stamp showing they were all payed for.Then we entered the zoo taking a group picture with all of her preschool classmates. The weather was perfect and the animals were very active. Every animal was out doing something. The Giraffes were eating, The Tigers were out sleeping, The Elephants were walking around giving themselves dirt baths, The Meerkats were on alert(and Aubrey too)when they heard the Lions roaring.and the Fruit bats were enjoying their lunch of cantaloupe, tomatoes, banana, and apples.It was fun to see the animals doing so much. Here are some of our Favorite animals: The Purple Headed Meerkat(we have no idea why it's purple, but we thought it was cool), The White Handed Gibbons(who were howling and swinging), The river otters who were not even near the water, but out on the grass sunbathing, and a turtle who was sunbathing, but on the back of an alligator. Crazy! I have never seen so many animals so busy at one time. I really like this Zoo because it is just the right size and they have play areas set up all around. The girls had fun playing on all the animal play areas. The climbed in, on, and around the pretend animals. We had a GREAT time at the zoo and can't wait to go again. Autumn said she wants to go with the whole family next time.


Rachel Keyser said...

Well its a good thing we can get your whole family in free next time. ;) Also the meerkat's head was purple because they are studying it. That way they can tell it apart from the other ones. Why do I know this? Kurt's parents sat FOREVER talking to one of the people that work there about it.

The Gylling Family said...

How fun, I love the zoo. The girls are getting so big!