Sunday, May 3, 2009

Noah the... Mechanic?

For those of you that don't already know Noah's work gave him a new truck to use. But we still have our old truck. So a couple of months ago we cleaned up the truck and Noah fixed a few things on it that he felt would improve the sell of the truck. We put it up for sell, but have had no takers. The past month with the van in the shop and the battery getting drained on it a week later I needed to have an extra vehicle, so I have been driving the old truck around. I noticed that the check engine light came on and I informed Noah about it. He decided he better take it into the shop and have it looked at. After spending several hundred dollars to fix a few of the problems they informed us that we needed to spend another $500 to fix some other problems. Noah is very handy when it comes to working on our vehicles and decided that he could fix all the items himself. On Saturday he went to Kragen Auto Parts and bought all the parts he needed. About five hours later, exhausted, and with several layers of grease, oil, and dirt he was finally finished. He told me it was worth working on it to save us money, but much harder on a big truck than when he worked on his little pickup. Noah said "I am really glad I am an Engineer and not a Mechanic, because this is so much harder." I am really glad too!

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