Friday, May 8, 2009

Mother's Day Luncheon

Autumn's Preschool had a Mother's Day Luncheon for all the Moms on Thursday. When I walked in the door Autumn was there waiting to take my hand and show me to my seat on the outdoor patio. All the mom's were able to sit, talk, and visit with one another while our little ones brought out our yummy lunch. We were served chicken croissant sandwiches, caesar salad, chocolate covered strawberries, and chocolate chip cookies. It was so yummy! Autumn enjoyed my croutons too. Once we were served the kids went back inside to have chicken nuggets, apple slices, and carrot sticks. I had a nice and relaxing lunch. When the kids were done they came outside to sing to us three mother's day songs and each one of them told their moms what they love about them. Autumn said "She loves me because, I brush her hair pretty and I always make her cookies." As we left Autumn handed me a gift bag with a present in it for me. She wanted me to open it up right away. So that exactly what I did. Attached to my gift was a poem called Tiny Hands
There used to be so many of my
Fingerprints to see,
On the furniture and walls and things
From sticky, grubby me
But if you stop and think a while
You'll see I'm growing fast,
Those tiny hand prints disappear,
You can't bring back what's past.
So here's a small reminder,
To keep, not wipe away,
Of tiny hands and how they looked,
To make you smile some day.

What a great time I had with my little Autumn. I loved every minute of it.

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