Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

This Mother's Day we had an amazing time with Noah's family. His Mom and older sister Becky and her family arrived on Saturday afternoon to visit, play, and eat some In and Out Burgers at the park. On Sunday morning we ate a delicious apple raisin oatmeal crackpot meal Noah's mom made the night before. We all went to church together and I think it wore out the big kids. They just sat on the couch for an hour watching cartoons. The little ones just played outside in the sandbox.That afternoon Noah's little sister Rachel and her family came over. The men took over the kitchen making us our Cafe Rio style dinner. It was so Yummy!We then opened up our gifts. I got a ton of drawings from my girls, a silver necklace, Five Crowns card game,a nice pair of sandals, a 1 hour massage, and my favorite thing ... a sun catcher that my girls and Noah made for me. Noah made two kinds of homemade ice cream for dessert along with chocolate covered strawberries his sister provided. As the evening went on we hung out and let the cousins play with each other. It was a fantastic Mother's Day and I am so blessed.

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