Saturday, May 16, 2009

Talent Night

For a few months now our ward has been planning a ward talent night and for a few weeks now I have asked my family what they would like to do. I assumed we were not doing anything. Then this morning when I asked again my girls said they wanted to dance. They were set on a certain song and then they watched The Veggie Tales Movie "Jonah and the Whale". They suddenly decided to do the song "In the belly of a whale." I thought it would be cute if they had a prop so I cut out a giant whale shape out of plastic and pinned it to our blue blanket we have. Noah thought it would be cute to add their faces on the belly of the whale. We had a little technical difficulty before they started, but we got it together just in time. Ashlyn and Aubrey were a little shy and stayed hidden in back most of the time. Autumn was the star of the dance twirling and spinning on stage. She loved the spotlight and showed off her dancing talent. Everyone loved it. Especially the part where Ashlyn dropped Aubrey. Although no one laughed out loud they told us afterwards they had to surpress their laughter. Noah thought it was the best part of their dance.

(Coming Soon the video of their Dance)

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