Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Our 2nd Day at Disneyland!

This morning we had an awesome complimentary breakfast we made waffles had sausage and eggs with fresh fruit, and many other choices of things to eat. We were able to get right onto the shuttle. When we arrived at the park we went to California Adventure again running straight to the Tower of Terror. Noah and I got a baby swap pass meaning that I would go with the two kids and when we got off the ride he would go to the fastpass and get on the ride much faster. He would take the two girls so that they could ride again. While one of us waited the fastpass would recommend things to do while waiting. Noah and I did a lot of fun things with Aubrey while we were waiting. After that we went from ride to ride that we did not get to ride yesterday. When we had done all that we wanted to do in California Adventure we headed to Disneyland and spent the rest if our day there. We rode lots of rides. A few that stand out for us was the Nemo Ride. The girls really liked being under the water and seeing all the sea creatures. Plus we obtained a special pass for it, because one of the rides had to be temporarily shut down and they gave us a pass good for six people to be used on any ride any time. We choose to use it for the Nemo ride. The girls really enjoyed driving cars in the Autotopia ride. Noah took Aubrey and Autumn and I drove with Ashlyn. This ride made me laugh the whole entire time. We all loved it. As the day went on we all got hot and tired. That's when we decided to head to the Pirates Lair and let the girls go at their own pace. The girls ran around through the tree houses, caves, bridges, and found the pirates booty Noah and I were able to rest a little too. We spent a few more hours at Disneyland, but left early to go eat dinner at our hotel room, swim a little, and get some rest for our last day at Disneyland.

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