Thursday, March 19, 2009

Griffith Park

Even better than Disneyland was Griffith Park(At least Anissa and I got a kick out of it). I thought it would be fun to go eat lunch over in Griffith Park since we would be going past that area on our way home. I decided to stop over at the area where they had train rides and pony rides. After eating our lunch we headed over to the miniature train rides. There are two train rides in the park this particular one has been around since 1948. The website said " Youngsters of all ages will enjoy the experience of riding the FREEDOM TRAIN on the Griffith Park Southern Railroad. The track stretches over a mile and takes the rider past pony rides, through a lush green meadow, through an old Western town, and past a Native American village." Well it was definitely enjoyed by us and an experience we will never forget. As we rode into the western town it was like a town straight out of little Mexico. They had a horse in town, like this: it was still completely attached. Then they pointed out the prison on your right which was a storm drain with a grate kind of like this: Anissa and I could not stop laughing. The fake people weren't much better, and the conductor of the train was low riding the entire time. Every time I think about that train ride I am going to sing "Low Rider". Next we took Ashlyn and Autumn to ride the ponies. That was comical as well, because they strapped our girls on their horses, slapped the horses rear, and we wathched as the horses took off like a bat of Heck. Ashlyn and Autumn had to hold on for dear life as the man ran to catch up tp the horse. Anissa and I just laughed and laughed. It was great!

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