Monday, September 7, 2009

Clark Fork Camp

This Labor day weekend Noah and I thought it would be fun to invite his family to go camping with us. Our first choice was Pine Crest Lake area, but after checking on campsites there were not enough spaces for all of us. We got this idea to look into the Church's girls campsites. The Liahona club runs several girls camps in the area and if you become a member you may have the use for the camps for groups or families. They have a camp near Pine Crest called Clark Fork. We called the couple overseeing that camp and they said that is the weekend they close the camp and usually have lots of people helping them shut the camp down and get it ready for the winter months. We told them that we thought our group would love to help them. After talking with Noah's sisters and mother and they with their families we all decided that this would be a great opportunity to serve, camp and spend time together. Noah and I made all the arrangements with the camp host and it was set. Friday around noon we headed up to Sonora to meet up with family and head to Clark Fork Camp. On our way we stopped and ate dinner at Jeb's Waffles N Ribs. We thought the name sounded cool and waffles sounded great so we stopped in to eat there. We all ordered some kind of waffle dish and it was yummy. While we were still eating Noah's siblings and there families arrived at the same town as us. We were able to drive together the rest of the way up to Clark Fork. When we arrived it was getting dark and thought for sure everyone else had picked the nice cabins and we were stuck with the A-frames. To our surprise no one had taken any of the cabins or lodge. The camp director showed us the nurses cabin and the cooks cabin. Both fit our families, had heating, beds for everyone, and most importantly a bathroom, so we decided to stay in those. We shared the nurses cabin with Noah's little sister and her family while his mom and older sisters family stayed in the cooks cabin. We were all excited to see what the camp looked like in the day time and ready for the fun days ahead.

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