Saturday, August 29, 2009

Autumn 1st Goal

This afternoon on our way to Autumn's game we reminded her that if she made a goal we would give her a dollar. She said "I know, but it's hard to do." I told her to try her best. Well at warm-up she did really well kicking the ball into the goal. Autumn played the game really good (she did not even ask the coach if the game was over after playing for 5 min.). Then after the half as the girls and I yelled "GO Autumn!" she ran a little faster and had a break. She was running toward the goal and kicked it right in. It was Awesome to see her score and she was really excited. She came right over and hugged me. I had to remind her to get back into the game. After that she did not really do much I guess she figured she had scored and her job as done. We were so proud of her and happy to give her a dollar.


Kathryn said...

yahoo! awesome job autumn!

The Patricks said...

Don't you just love watching kids play soccer? So fun.

Good job to Autumn.

Hope to see you soon:)