Monday, September 14, 2009

Memory Card Crashed

I guess I don't have much luck with Cameras. I recorded Aubrey singing and dancing on my camera. Then I uploaded it to facebook. The next day I went to take a picture of Ashlyn and it said memory card full. I tried looking at my pictures on the computer and it said there were no pictures to view. I was a little frustrated and after trying it several different times on the printer and laptop Noah and I came to the conclusion everything was lost. Thankfully I will always have those memories in my mind, so I thought I should type them up so I don't forget them.

The 1st memorable moment was Ashlyn with her class pet Dude the turtle. I took some adorable pictures of Ashlyn holding, feeding and playing with Dude. I guess we need to have Dude for the weekend again so that we can create new memories. I did take one picture of him at school.The 2nd memorable moment was when I went to The Time Out For Women with family and friends. It was a fun and uplifting 2 days. I took pictures of the speakers and musicians that performed for us. Lucky for me I can find a few pictures on the Internet. The bummer part was the pictures I took of family and friends that I lost.The last memorable moment was Aubrey singing and dancing for me. I have the one I posted on Facebook and that's it. I guess I just need to play music and have her dance and sing for me again. Then I will be able to snap more photos and video of her.

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