Friday, September 11, 2009

Autumn's Princess Party

This afternoon we had 10 little princess come to our home to celebrate Autumn's 5th Birthday. Autumn wanted a princess party with lots of fancy decorations. So we had confetti, princess balloons, bouquets of flowers, and Dolley's for place mats. We made butterfly and flower sandwiches, veggies, with fancy dip, watermelon, apples, apple juice and strawberry lemonade. All of her little friends came dressed in their best princess outfit. Everyone worn different dresses it was really cool. The girls ate their princess food and loved it. We decorated goodie bags and wands. We played pin the crown on the princess and pass the rose. When the music stopped the girl left holding the rose had to give Autumn their present. Then we took a picture of each little princess with our little princess Autumn. After she opened her gifts we sang Happy Birthday and let her blow her candles out. She blew out all 5 candles in the birthday pie(that's what she requested, a Chocolate Cream Pie). At the end of the party we let the princesses play outside. It was great to see them all playing and jumping around in their dresses. Autumn truly had a magical birthday.

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