Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Our Princess Autumn Turns 5

Well today our little princess, Autumn turned 5 years old. Where did the time go? She is really growing fast. I was able to help out in her class today. After workshop she was given a certificate, pencil and of course her very own birthday crown. She passed out cupcakes at snack recess after they sang happy birthday to her. I really enjoyed being there with her on her special day. We had asked her a few days ago where she wanted to go for her birthday dinner. She said "I want to go to the place where they cook in front of you." Noah and I knew she was referring to the Japanese Restaurant down the street called Shirishoni.
While we were getting ready to go, Autumn and Aubrey were enjoying each other. I thought they were really cute.After a little playtime we headed to the restaurant. It was a lot of fun for the kids. They take your order, which our Autumn ordered Steak and then cook it all in front of you. They perform in a fun, entertaining way using little tricks as they cook. We all had a great time and Autumn loved it. They sang Happy Birthday and brought her out a special birthday dessert.After a great dinner we headed home to open presents. She opened up all of her gifts from our family and other members of our extend family. She got Polly Pocket princess addition, art kit, princess scratch design, Ariel with light up tail to play in the tub, bumble transformer car, a giraffe, and a easy reader princess book. What a wonderful birthday. Autumn is really excited for her Princess Party on Friday. She thought it was going to be today. I hope she can contain herself until then. I told her that now that she is 5 it means being even more patience. She was not to happy to hear that. I said it's part of growing up.


The Patricks said...

My little doll is 5!!!!! Oh how I miss seeing your girls in the ward. Three beautiful princesses:)

Happy Birthday to Autumn.

Rachel Keyser said...

I love the transformer thrown in there with the princesses. :)