Monday, September 7, 2009

Spending Time in Cloumbia

Being our last day at Clark Fork Camp we needed to not only pack up our stuff, but clean our cabins and get them ready for the winter months ahead. The adults ran around trying to pack, load, clean and keep the kids busy and out of the way. Aubrey was doing a great job at entertaining little Kelsie.
After a couple of hours of cleaning and getting ready to leave, we were on the road to Columbia. Once we were in this old minning town we at lunch and then headed straight away to pay and ride the stage coach. All of us were able to ride in it while Ashlyn and Kylee got to ride on top of . The driver lead us through some dirt roads until we were confronted by a robber. The kids were pretty scared. All of the adults had big smiles on their faces as the robber asked for things. The robber finally said "You ain't got nothin" "Get outa here" and let us go. Once back in town we went to the candy shop and walked around the town a little. Then it was time to tell our family goodbye. It was a great weekend of service, fun, and family. A Big Thank You goes out to Noah's family who made it possible to be with us this weekend and help at the Girls Camp .


Rachel Keyser said...

You took some great pics of the weekend, you'll have to upload them for me!

The Patricks said...

I went to Columbia on a field trip in the 5th grade and I've wanted to go back ever since. So fun!