Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day2: Russian Gulch State Park

With the weather not so great this morning we decided to go on a hike at Russian Gulch State Park. The 1.5 mile hike loop ends at a waterfall. We thought it would be cooler and much nicer to hike in the dreary weather than in sunny weather. We packed our a lunch and started the hike off in great spirits. As we walked we used some guidebooks of the North Coast to find the names of the different trees and plants we saw along the way. We sang and played little games as we walked.
About halfway we stopped to eat lunch. This really energized us and the girls. It never really rained on us just misted a little here and there. As we walked we saw more and more Giant Redwoods, along with the plants and animals that go with that environment. Right before we came to the split in the trail where you could go up to the falls or all the way around that would take another 1.5 miles Autumn was done. She refused to move any more. She wanted to go back and rest. Grandma volunteered to walk her all the way back to the truck and wait for us to come back. Not long after they left and we strted the climb up to the falls we were there in no time. The waterfall was big and full of water. The girls loved it and we rested and took some pictures at the falls. It was a great experience we just feel bad that grandma and Autumn were so close and missed it. Oh Well! Maybe next time!

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