Monday, March 15, 2010

Day1: Camping at Manchester Beach

The girls have two weeks off this month, so we decided to go up to Manchester Beach for about a week. We brought Noah's mom with us and decided we would camp for a few days. We arrived yesterday evening and got all settled in. Today we did a lot of fun things. First off Autumn was bound and determined to find a leprechaun. So she went on a leprechaun hunt to try and catch one. After we were ready we headed to Point Arena Light House. The girls love going here because they get to climb to the top. The views are amazing at the top. We even saw some humpback whales off shore. After this we headed to our favorite pizza place only to find it closed for lunch. We would have to come back for dinner. So we grabbed something else and headed to one of our favorite beaches Schooner Gulch. The beach is much different in the spring than in the fall so it took some time to get used to the difference. There seemed to be less sand and the stream flowing into the water was much wider and deeper. We still had a great time playing and exploring the beach.We found a bunch of teeny tiny red crabs all over the rocks and seaweed. They were about the size of a ladybug. The girls had a blast watching them. After our great beach day we made it back to the pier for that yummy warm pizza and a scoop of ice cream after dinner.

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