Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Day3: Point Cabrillo Lighthouse and Glass Beach

This morning Autumn noticed that something got into our green cupcakes, left penny's lying around, and made a mess with flour on our picnic table. She knew exactly what it was: The Leprechaun! After our St. Patricks morning surprise we headed to Point Cabrillo Lighthouse. It was a beautiful sunny day. By the time we made it to the lighthouse after having to stop several times we decided to eat lunch before we walked down to the lighthouse. It is a mile walk down to the lighthouse and the girls were excited to show grandma. Our walk down was beautiful and everyone took in all the sights. Our 1st stop was at the lighthouse keepers home. It was really cool to see how they lived and how different their home was compared to ours. Our 2nd stop was at some overlooks and small building that has aquariums set up with sea life and hands on fun for the kids. It is sure is gorgeous here. We could have stayed and looked forever. The 3rd stop was the Point Cabrillo Lighthouse itself. I wish we could have gone up to the top where the lens is kept, but they only give tours 4 times a year. The girls love to color pictures that they have in a kids area. It is a small lighthouse, but full of history.
On our way up to Fort Bragg we stopped at the girls favorite beach: Glass Beach.They love it here. This beach used to be the dump in the early 1900s and they would dump lots of glass off the sides. As time goes by the waves crashing and tumbling the glass on the beach has made it smooth and shiny. The girls love go through all the glass and find all the different color. Even Noah and I love to look through all the Glass and find our favorites. I like the royal blue and ruby red glass. After glass beach we took Noah's mom out to dinner for her birthday . We ate in Noyo Harbor at Silver's at the Wharf. The food was pretty good, we had a great bus boy who Autumn thought was very cute, and we had a nice view. We ended the night by getting ice cream at Cowlicks. It has become one of our favorite stops.

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