Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day4: Beach Hopping

On our last full day camping we wanted it to be relaxing and stay close to our camp area. So we decided to go to Manchester beach this morning and play. We flew kites including Aubrey's Tinker Bell and Noah's trick kite. We built sand castles, driftwood forts,and enjoyed exploring the quiet beach. Where we found a lady bug in the sand and the Snowy Plover Birds. The landscape of the beach has changed since October, but it still is nice. We had a nice BBQ at the beach for lunch and soon after left for Greenwood State Beach.
This has become mine and Noah's favorite of all the beaches in the area. Just the view from the top of the bluff is amazing. As we walked down the beach we saw so many colorful flowers blooming. Once we got on the beach it is always a blast to go exploring. This time we found lots and lots of giant starfish. The only problem was they had gotten thrown onto the shore and were drying out and dying. They girls wanted to save them all, but they were to squishy to grab. So we left them sad about their fate. It is not a huge beach but it full of surprizes. One fun surprize were the deer tracks we found right in the sand next to the ocean. Our biggest surprize was that there was a very very deep stream running through one end of the beach. Last time we were able to explore the cave on this side. Not this time it was much to deep, swift, and colliding with the ocean.We decided it was safer to not cross and watched as the different sea birds enjoyed that side. The girls did enjoy throwing rocks in the stream. As we started to go in the other directon it was fun to see all the driftwood and giant redwoods on shore. We even found giant log sticking up and out of the sand. One was so long it fit all of us for a photo moment. At the other end we found an old tractor and more beautiful beach. This is why this beach is our favorite. There is always something to explore, it is never the same, no one is ever there and it is breathtaking.

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