Monday, August 10, 2009

Tahoe Camput

1st off we ended up making it to Noah's mom's house to pick her up, but Autumn started to complain of the same thing Ashlyn did on Thursday. I stayed at my mother-in-laws house with Autumn so that she can rest and feel better. Noah, his mom, Ashlyn and Aubrey headed to Tahoe for the camp out.
2nd many of you know that we have been going to our nieces bladder exstrophy camp out for almost 10 years now. We help and support the family as they help other families that have children or themselves with this birth defect.
So this camp out is to have fun, but also to be there for the family. Noah said the girls did awesome on Friday night. They got there set up camp, played, ate dinner, played bingo and won prizes, sang campfire songs, roasted marshmallows, and played the getting to know you game. Meanwhile I stayed by Autumn's side giving her medicine for her massive headache and tried to rest myself.
On Saturday Autumn woke up happy and ready to go to Tahoe for the camp out. We left at 8:30 am and drove the hour or so up there making it on time for the games. Noah was concerned, because Aubrey was a little cranky and tired. We played the group games and had a fun time. Then we went back to camp to help with the crafts for the kids while the parents had a special guest speaker talk to them. About this time Aubrey became clingy and attached her self to me. She started to complain of a headache and I was prepared to head back to Noah's mom until she fell asleep.
We managed to make it to the lake to play, but only with Ashlyn ans Autumn. Aubrey stayed with grandma and slept. She was definitely not feeling well , but was not as bad as her sisters. The girls did have a wonderful time playing in the sand and being with family. By dinner time she perked up a little. We had another fun night with bingo, songs, and smores. The girls were ready to go to bed after such a long fun day. Aubrey went to bed without any problems. She did great and slept all night(although I was prepared to be up all night).

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