Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Last Day in Tahoe

On Sunday everyone in our family was feeling much better. Aubrey was back to her old self. Thank goodness. She played so hard she got all dirty and we all started to call her our little brown bear. She didn't like that to much.We spent the morning getting things packed up and taking our family pictures. We always take one with Noah's family too. Then we headed to the Great Gatsby Festival. This is a free event that is done every Summer in August. It gives you a feel of American life in the 1920s. The Festival featured period cars, fashions, children games, entertainment, and food to recreate every aspect of life during the age of flappers, prohibition, bootleggers and jazz. The Great Gatsby Festival is held at the 74-acre Tallac Historic Site. We enjoyed touring some of the houses, looking at the old classic cars, checking out a washing machine demonstration on how a washer worked, and the pie eating contest. Our niece Kylee ended up winning the whole thing. We had a blast and our kids did too. It was a great way to end our short Tahoe trip.

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