Thursday, August 6, 2009

One of Those Weeks

We all have had one of those weeks and this is my week. On Sunday my Autumn stayed home from church, because she was not feeling well and running a fever. Then I get a call from the school Monday because Ashlyn had the same symptoms. Then on Tuesday my Aubrey got whatever the girls had. I was grateful on Wednesday when it looked like all was clear.

We have plans to go to Tahoe this weekend and I need to get our stuff together. Well last night around midnight Ashlyn woke up complaining of a bad headache and tummy hurting as a result. It didn't take her to long before she had to run to the bathroom. All day today she has been complaining of a horrible headache so I took her to the doctors this afternoon. They are pretty sure it is different virus that attacked her earlier this week. I hope no one else get sick. We are planing on leaving in the morning for Tahoe if all is well.

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