Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Family Share Day

About a month ago Ashlyn started a Family History unit. She had to do some research on both her mom and dads side to fill out a one page research paper and family tree. She learned a lot and had to share with the class what she learned. After that she had to pick an ancestor and make a paper doll depicting that ancestor. She choose to do one from her moms side, a girl from the southwest. That project turned out really well. Then this week was bring a family treasure and family food for tasting. She decided to bring in her Grandpa Smith's kilt from Scotland to share with the class. They really liked it. Ashlyn's food choice was something from my side of the family, so we made tortillas and sopapillas. Together we made both of these to share with the class. Ashlyn did a great job making the tortilla mix and then rolling out the tortillas into circles. She helped cut the sopapillas into triangles and sprinkle the sugar on them when they were done being fried.Most of people know what tortillas are, but some are not familiar with Sopapillas. We typed up a small paper for her to read and share with the class about her food.

This is what she read them... "People call them little pillows, but the name really means “holding soup.” Sopapillas are one of many foods that New Mexico can call it’s own - The New Mexican Quick Bread

The history of the sopapilla is over 200 years old, originating in the Albuquerque, New Mexico area. It is often as much a staple of many New Mexican meals as the tortilla.

Both sopapillas and tortillas are used as “sop” breads, either soaking up the liquids in a dish, or stuffing them with the foods. They are especially yummy with honey or sugar. The recipe for both the tortilla and the sopapilla are the same, the difference is in the cooking method.

Aslyn sure did learn a lot about where her family came from, what they looked like, what they wore, and what they ate. In turn she learned a lot about other cultures too from her classmates. And her class does not have a shortage on diversity, so she was able to experience some neat stuff.

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