Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Game Day and Class Party

At the end of every school year, the 1st-5th graders at Ashlyn's School have a game day. They rotate from game to game that each class is in charge of. The 2nd grade classes were in charge of musical chairs. I helped as each grade level came through and played musical chairs. The 2nd graders were are last group to come to musical chairs. They did a great job. Here are some pictures of Ashlyn and her class on game day. All the 2nd grade classes brought out their chairs from their classrooms and had to bring them back to class after wards. Along with game day Ashlyn's teacher decided to have the class party today. I came back to school in the afternoon to help with that. Mrs. Allen had 5 stations for the kids to pick from. Their was an Art table, Food table, Drawing Table, Limbo, and Picking up Marbles in water with your toes going on outside. I was in charge of the Limbo. Since most of the kids know me from helping out all year we had blast together. Even Ashlyn helped out.We laughed and had a great time together. The best part of the party was when several boys decided to show me how they can do the "SOULJA BOY". They did a pretty good job too. Better than I could ever do.

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