Thursday, June 4, 2009

Autumn's Swim Lessons

This year the only one we decided to put in swim lessons was Autumn. Ashlyn is swimming very well and we felt like Aubrey was still too young. On the 1st day of lessons Autumn was not a happy swimmer. She was a little mad at me and did not want to be there. I left her anyway and when I got back Miss Laura said she did better than she expected, but she seemed a little sleepy. She remembered a lot form last year. She did alligator walks on the steps, did some retrieval in the shallow end and did a little on the kick board.

The next day when I took her back to swim lessons she again gave me attitude, but I made her go and when I got back Miss Laura said "You have got to see what Autumn can do." "Watch this."
I was totally shocked and excited. "I can't believe that she is swimming on her own", her teacher said. She was surprisingly shocked as well. As the week progressed she could dive, with a little help, in 5 feet.
She can jump into the pool with someone to catch her and by the end of her session she was jumping in and swimming to the stairs. We are so proud of Autumn she is now ready for the pool this summer.

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