Friday, June 5, 2009

Crazy Lightinging Storm

Last night around 2am we woke up to a loud boom and our room lighting up by lightening. About every 5 min. or so we would see the lightening and sometimes here a boom. Mostly is was just bright. This continued until 3am or so. Not much rain came from it, it was just natures light show in the sky. It was crazy enough to keep us up until the storm stopped.Well this afternoon on our way to swimming lessons we saw a 2 story home gutted by a fire on the 2nd floor. When I asked the swim teacher what happened to her neighbors home she told me that lighting had struck the back yard and jumped up to the roof of the home. It then spread through all the electrical wiring and went out the the top of the roof catching it on fire. I knew the storm was incredible, but I had no idea it would cause so much damage so close to home. None of the family in this home were hurt. They were shaken up a bit and are now trying to fix their beautiful home.

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The Gylling Family said...

I know how those crazy storms can be we experienced a lot of them in Texas and they were pretty scary. That's crazy what it can do and a little scary.