Saturday, June 6, 2009

A Curious Little Girl VS 20 Bottles of Nail Polish

What happens when a curious little girl gets a hold of about 20 bottles of nail polish?Nail polish on her Barbie car, the carpet, her blankets, and all over her. While I was downstairs doing dishes she managed to find my bag of nail polish in my room and paint these various items. Autumn told me she knew, but didn't want to get into trouble so she waited until it got way to "crazy" and then she thought she should tell me. When I asked Aubrey why she got into my nail polish she told me, "I wanted to paint." Can't blame her too much it does look like little bottles of paint. After a time out and a half a big bottle of pure acetone. I was able to get it off of everything.


Kathryn said...

:O OH NO!!!!! but at least shes being creative?

The Gylling Family said...

She's a little Ashly. I'm glad you got it out of everything.

The Patricks said...

I'm a super big fan of child locks! The kids just can't be trusted. The bright side, at least she didn't drink them:) I'm so happy you got it all out.

Crazy about the fire!