Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Firsts of Many

We have had season passes to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom for the past few years and will be going there many more times this year, but yesterday we had many firsts.

1st -Any ideas what this is?If you guessed a Rodent of Unusual Size or Capybara(Capibara) from South America you were correct. Ashlyn told me all about this baby Capibara. This one weighed 80 pounds and was told in would double in size and weight. This was our first thing we saw when we walked in the park. 2nd-We saw The Joker, Mr. Six and Bugs Bunny in our short little walk into the park. 3rd- We have never gotten drenched on our fist ride. Noah and Ashlyn chose Monsoon Falls where you crash over a 60-foot waterfall. Swoosh! White Out! 4th- Autumn had her first ride on Cobra and she has been waiting for several seasons to ride on this ride like the big kids. She loved it so much she went again right after she got off. But this time with Dad.
5th-This is the first year I have seen bands playing throughout the park. Aubrey loves music, but I have never seen her plug her ears like this. That wasn't a good review for the band. 6th- We have never seen any animal do this and we go to lots of zoos. This camel must have been teething. And Last we finally got Ashlyn on the Hammerhead ride. Every time we go by this ride Noah tries to get her to ride it and she always yells "NO!" This time she said "OK!" and she loved it. Here are just a few random pictures of our fun day.

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The Hanson Family said...

How fun! Your girls are totally cute.