Monday, May 25, 2009

Day 4 Visiting Columbia on Memorial Day

We said goodbye to Pinecrest Lake today. The girls had a great time getting in some last minuet play time before we headed for home. Aubrey got dressed all by herself and used her mommies socks instead of hers.On our way back home we stopped in Sonora to show the girls where Noah grew up for a few years when he was little. We even went by his old house that still has a bridge that his father built years ago. Then we headed over to Columbia State Historic Park. We got there just in time for lunch. We enjoyed our little picnic we had packed and then headed over to see this old mining town. We walked over to one of the areas where the mined for gold. Noah and I learned that since water was in short supply they used Hydraulic mining to shoot water at high pressure, where miners blasted loose the gold and washed it out. That is why there are lots of smooth rocks with grooves and holes in them. They are fun for the kids to climb on too. We also got to see the type of tools they used for mining. As we walked through the old town we were able to go into different buildings that showed us a little of what type of things they had in the 1850s. We saw the bank, the courthouse, various food stores, dentist office, drug store, the jail house, fire house, one of the original houses in town, and the Chinese house. We stopped by the yummy candy store on our way out. Where the girls got their choice of a special treat.We even got to check out some old wagons they used around town. We got to go into a small museum with artifacts, old pictures, and a room in the back for the kids to explore. They had a short video playing on the history of the town and an area for the children to explore and play.My girls lhad a blast in the dress-up corner. They loved seeing how they might have looked back in the 1850s. Our last stop was at the Fallon House Ice Cream Parlor. We treated ourselves to a couple of hot fudge sundaes. What a fun time we had with our girls learning more about our states history. The girls loved it too. Autumn can't wait to come back to the "rich town" (where all the Gold is) as she so eloquently called it.

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