Sunday, May 24, 2009

Day 3 Hiking around Pinecrest Lake

With this day being Sunday we decided to take a leisurely 4 mile hike around Pinecrest Lake. This was a fairly easy to moderate hike and everyone was excited to hike except Autumn. She was upset off and on for the 1st half of the hike. On the first half of the hike we spied the lake of course, birds, a lizard, many wild flowers, and we walked across the Strawberry Dam.Once we got to the half way mark we took a lunch break by the inlet. The river flowing into the lake was flowing pretty high because of the snow run off.
After lunch Aubrey decided she was tired of being in the backpack and wanted to hike too. Noah was happy about that and we helped her along the trail.She did great and kept Autumn happy and moving along. They found some sticks and started zapping each other. Then the sticks became microphones. Our girls sang the rest of the hike. It was a great hike and we were able to see all the different things around the lake. Once back we had the afternoon to play in the lake. At a warm temperature of 55 degrees I am surprised my family even touched the water let alone jumped in it. But they had a good time and enjoyed playing in the sand too.

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