Saturday, May 23, 2009

Day 2 Enjoying Kennedy Meadow

After talking to some of the locals here we found out that their might be horseback riding available at a place called Kennedy Meadows. So we decided to go and drive up to Kennedy Meadows in search of horses to ride. It took us about 30 min. to get there, but was a very scenic drive. Kennedy Meadows itself is beautiful. We parked in front of this lush green meadow where I showed the girls fresh mint plants growing. The river was flowing up ahead with people fishing up and down it. We turned around to see the main building and a horse stable around back with lots of horses saddled up and ready for adventure. Noah walked over to the horse men to find out how it all worked. They told us that kids must be 6yrs. old to ride by themselves, but they could ride on a lead horse. The lead horse can be walked all over the trails and meadow. Aubrey was pretty scared of the those big horses up close, so Noah and I decided that we could put Ashlyn and Autumn on lead horses and Aubrey could ride in her backpack. For an hour we walked Belle(the white horse) and Cocoon(the brown horse) all over the meadow and through trails(that's what they said their names were). The girls had a blast. Every once and awhile we would get stuck in the meadow, because there was yummy grass and flowers for the horses to eat. We went to the lodge to pay and it was more reasonable than we thought. It costed us $10 for each horse for the hour. What a great deal. We will be doing this again. We ate lunch at their little restaurant and headed back down to Pinecrest. On our way back to camp we went through the tiny town of Strawberry and saw... Big Foot! Around 7:45pm we walked over to thge outdoor movie theater to watch Night at the Museum thr Battle of the Smithsonian. We loved huddling together all wrapped up in our blankets as we watched this fun movie.

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Derek,Karri, Belen and Brock said...

That is so neat! I can't wait to go to Pine crest!