Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Autumn's Preschool Graduation

We can't believe that Autumn has graduated from preschool already. Where has the time gone? She was able to spend this special occasion with her Grandma Smith, Aunt Rachel, and cousins Logan and Kelsie. She was so excited to share this big day with them. We arrived at Miss Bekky's home at 4pm. She had perpared a presentaion for us. Each child had to say a memorized parts and sing songs telling us what they did each day and through the school year. Autumn's line was the first said. She said "We would like to welcome you to our end of the year graduation celebration!" She did a fantasitc job on it. After their presentation each child told us what their favorite thing about preschool was. Autumn said she likes cooking time and science time. Miss Bekky then handed out their graduation certificate and told us a little about how much she enjoyed each of the kids. It was very touching and I know that my Autumn was taught by teachers that loved her and the other kids very much. Autumn has had a wonderful year in preschool. It has been very good for her. She has loved ever minute of it. She told me she will miss her preschool, but is ready to go to Ashlyn's school and be a Kindergartner. We have seen Autumn grow and mature. We are so proud of her and are excited for her to be heading to Kindergarten.

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The Gylling Family said...

How cute Autumn is and how exciting for her graduating preschool. Wow, she's getting big.