Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tinker Bell Mushroom Cake

Aubrey is going to have a small birthday party at the house tomorrow night and I have been quickly trying to organize her big night. I have lots of fun ideas and I hope I can get them done before tomorrow. I was a little stumped on what kind of cake to do until Noah searched some on the Internet. I was all set on making a tinker bell doll cake with a big flowing dress as the cake part. Well the tinker bell barbie was too tall and after messing with the cake and doll for about an hour trying to figure out what to do, Noah gave me a great idea to make a mushroom cake out of my failed attempt at a tinker doll cake. I had the bottom portion made and colored the icing to look like a green mushroom stem. Then I made the top rounded mushroom part by baking 1/3 cake batter in a metal bowl. Once it was done I placed it on a round cardboard so it wouldn't fall apart when I placed it on top. I then colored that part purple (tinker colors). With the leftover cake I made over filled cupcakes which ended up looking like little mushrooms. Aubrey had a blast putting sprinkles on the cupcake mushrooms. I dyed some coconut green and placed it around the cakes. I put a few purple sprinkles on top of the cake and sprayed the top purple. I bought a cute tinker bell candle that I placed on top.In the end I was pleased with how the cake turned out. Aubrey and her friends loved it and it tasted great too.

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