Friday, December 4, 2009

Aubrey's Tinker Bell Party

So a few days ago I decided to have a small party for Aubrey. We invited six of her church friends to come and four of the six came. Aubrey wanted a tinker bell party. We had her friends dress as fairies or pirates. As her friends came in Aubrey posed for a picture with them. We played a few games, colored fairy/pirate pages, ate dinner, went on a treasure hunt, opened presents, sang happy birthday, and had yummy birthday cake.
Aubrey had a wonderful time and really enjoyed her self.. Her little friends were very well behaved. In fact they were the quietest bunch of 3 year olds I have ever had at a party.

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The Patricks said...

Seriously it probably gets old hearing this from me but I swear if we believed in prearranged marriage, I'd be trying to set Max up w/ one of your beauties!

They get more and more beautiful. Isn't it time for another???