Saturday, November 7, 2009

Autumn's Soccer Awards Party

Autumn had a great last game this morning. We played a team with her little friend on it. They had a great time playing against each other. Autumn really learned to hold her own in soccer. She went up against some monster boys and didn't let them shove her around. It was great to see her be so aggressive, especially when she usually wants to be pulled out of the game with in the first 5 min.This afternoon we had her soccer awards/pizza party. Luckily we were not in charge of this party so we just had to show up and enjoy. Everyone ate pizza while Coach Pete talked. Then Coach Pete and Noah took turns saying something about each team player, passing out medals, trophies, backpacks, soccer balls to have signed and their names form the banner that was cut up. Noah got a thank you card and a gift card. He enjoyed coaching soccer and helping out on Autumns team, but he is glad that is is finally over. Will see if he is up for it next year.

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