Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ashlyn's Playoff Game

Ashlyn's last soccer game was on Sat. Oct. 24th and they did pretty good, but didn't win. Autumn's last game will be Sat. Nov. 7th with pizza party later in the day. Ashlyn still has one more game left. Originally a playoff game was scheduled for Tues. Nov.3, but it was canceled due to stolen copper wiring in the lights for the field. So they rescheduled the game for Thur. night the same night that Noah had planned on having their awards/pizza party. Instead of moving it all again we kept it on that day, but pushed it back so that they could play the playoff game and then head over for their awards/pizza party. It turned out very well. Ashlyn played a great 1st half as goalie, but was a little out of it for the 1st 10min. or so. I video taped her playing and she did excellent the 2nd half really hustling and moving the ball along. Her team did not win, but played their hearts out.
I ordered all the pizza for the team at half-time so that it would be hot and ready for them when we arrived. Noah was able to give out awards and trophies as the girls ate their pizza. The other night Noah and I decided what award each girl should get. Ashlyn received the "Best Goalie" award. We cut up the banner and gave the girls their names along with their soccer ball signed by everyone on the team. Noah received a plaque from the assistant coach and gift certificates with a card from all the parents. Way to go Ashlyn and Coach Noah!

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