Monday, March 2, 2009

Weekend in Bakersfield

This past weekend we went down to Bakersfield to attend Noah's cousin's baby blessing. In the morning went by the nursing home where Noah's Grandma lives and visited with her a a little while before going to the park(she would come a little later).We spent the rest of the afternoon at the park with family. It was like a mini family reunion. It was a lot of fun to see Noah and his Aunt Marge's family. Noah's mother, grandmother, sister Rachel and her family came into town too. His aunt Nancy,Uncle Craig, Uncle Bruce and Aunt Htway also came. We all ate lunch, played, visited with one another, and had a blast. Our girls loved playing with their cousins and their 2nd cousins. Aubrey was a little under the weather and stayed close to me and Noah, sleeping most of the time. By the evening we were kind of zapped from traveling and playing all afternoon. Instead of all getting together again we opted to eat dinner and get to bed early.

Sunday was the big day for Noah's cousin Kathryn and her husband Jaren. At 11am we blessed their little baby boy Nathan. What a wonderful thing to be a part of. We visited with family a little after the blessing and took pictures. Then we ate lunch with Grandma Kyle, Noah's mom, and his sister Rachel and her family. After our sunny lunch we had outside we headed back home to the rain. It rained the rest of the week.

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Rachel Keyser said...

Kelsie and her tongue! She has the longest baby tongue I've ever seen. It was a fun weekend!