Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sick Again!

My girls started to feel worse after we got back from Bakersfield so on Monday afternoon I took Aubrey to the doctors I was told she had an ear infection. On Wednesday Autumn started to complain of a ear ache and was running low grade fever. I tried to book an appointment the same day, but all they had was Thursday at noon. Autumn was bouncing off the wall at the doctors and I was certain they were going to tell me that she was great, but I soon found out that she did in fact have an ear infection in both ears. She also had a nasty fall from the play structure where she bit through the bottom of her lip. She also keeps falling or running into things. She has bruised check and her nose got a little banged up too. Poor thing she has been having a rough week. I think her balance has been off due to her ears. I am glad that the medicine is kicking in and they have started to feel better. It has been a little crazy at our house with 2 crabby little girls and an emotionally drained and exhausted mommy.

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