Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Noah's Last Week

Noah spent his last week and a half trying to accomplish my honey due list I had for him. He did a few of the these things, but it was too tempting to go play. On Friday we went to Six flags Discovery Kingdom,
Noah was giving Ashlyn the cousin IT look.
Saturday we went to Contra Loma Regional Park to play at the swimming lagoon and have BBQ there,and Monday morning(while Ashlyn was at school) we went to the Oakland Zoo with his sister Rachel and nephew Logan. We all had a great time playing!
Its to bad that Noah and I caught sinus colds the last few days before Noah went back to work. We had such a great 7 weeks and then the last week we just laid around miserable and exhausted. It sure did put a damper on Noah plans for the last day of his sabbatical. We only had enough energy to go out and eat dinner.

It will be odd to not have Noah with us all the time. I will miss him. I really enjoyed having him at home. I know the girls will miss him too. I guess we will have to wait 7 more years for his next sabbatical. I wonder what we will do then?

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Rachel Keyser said...

When you upload the zoo pictures to shutterfly will you send them to me? I don't have very many since my batteries died. :(