Friday, August 8, 2008

Having Fun With Our Cousins

On Thursday Noah's older sister Becky and her 4 children drove over to our home to spend a few days with us. They got here in the afternoon and that gave the cousin time to play. We had a fun time playing guitar hero, sing star, and rock band with everyone. We then took the kids miniature golfing. Now that was an adventure. We had 7 children under 11 and only 3 adults. Becky tried to lay down the rules before we started to play, but that proved to be worthless. It was very comical trying to take turns, keep points, and get through a round of golf with everyone, but we finally made it. After our excitement we went to John's $1 Ice Cream Scoop Shop.
Friday morning we spent the time playing some more. At noon we picked up Ashlyn early from school and headed to the Antioch Water Park. We had such a great time last Friday we decided it would be fun to bring our cousins. The kids loved playing in the water and being with each other. We swam in every pool this time.
Becky rode the slides with her kids. Tristan and Anissa went down the a slide together in a raft and I rode on several with Ashlyn and Davis . It was a lot of fun. The best part was when Becky and Anissa went on a raft together and became suctioned to the bottom of the slide before take off. It was hilarious.The DJ was back for western night. The kids had a blast dancing for ice cream. Kylee one the 1st dance contest they had and Davis one the 2nd dance contest. Even Preston and Aubrey had a great time dancing. They were shy around everyone but when no one was look they hammed it up.
On the way home we grabbed some dinner and settled in to watching the opening ceremonies for the summer Olympics in Beijing. Tomorrow they will be leaving and we will miss playing with our cousins.

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