Friday, August 1, 2008

Having Fun at the Water Park

This week we have been really lazy. Noah still has three weeks left and we want to do so much, but at the same time we have been doing a lot that its nice to just sit and do nothing.
Today we finally got some energy and decided to take the girls to the Antioch Water Park. We have heard great things about it and think about going, but never do. So when Ashlyn got out of school we headed to the water park for some water fun and thats exactly what we did. They have four different pool areas. One is for the babies/toddlers called the tad pool, boulder cove is perfect for toddler/preschool age, splash down is where the swimming gets deeper and there are 4 slides to ride into different locations in the pool , sport pool has giant lily pads to play on and the lap pool is just fun to swim in. We spent most of our time at boulder cove. Ashlyn could ride every slide except one. Autumn and Aubrey could only ride one. The really cool thing was the live DJ. and a theme night that they ahve every Friday. They plays music from 4-7 and has dance contests. The winners get a free ice cream. The girls danced, but never won. Ashlyn did play one of the DJ. games and won a free ice cream. We had a blast and will be coming back again.

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